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“Excellence in motion, the best service seamlessly blends the artistry of precision with the symphony of expertise, crafting a masterpiece of reliability and performance.

Our primary achievement was ensuring customer satisfaction. We consistently prioritized customer needs, delivering reliable and cost-effective mechanical services while maintaining open lines of communication and responsive customer support.

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Revomech is an independent firm Of Engineers, Designers, and technical Specialists offering a board range of Professional Services. we handle a heavy rubber processing machinery, Gear Boxes overhaul and insulted with commissioning, Specialist Mixers &Mills General repair services. We handle technical Skills development Programs. Customized machinery spare parts we offer CNC solution inculcating milling and turning plasma cutting wire cut EDM , Grinding fabrication machine components are manufactured to the tights precision tolerance and are available in a wide range of materials.

Also We provide Electrical services too. We have ability to work with PLC Programing, SCADA
Systems development, Servo systems, Digitalization, System Integration, Automation sapares.. We are maintaining following points in our services.

  • Accuracy
  • High Efficiency
  • Good price
  • Trust
  • Problem Solving
  • Offering warranties and guarantees
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